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Foods Farmers Won’t Eat | BlackDoctor | Page 8

Foods Farmers Won’t Eat | BlackDoctor | Page 8

1. Canned tomatoes- the can liner leeches unhealthy chemicals into the acidic tomato.
2. Corn-fed beef-lower nutrition
3. Microwave popcorn-chemicals leeched from the bag into the popcorn
4. Non-organic potatoes-sprayed with chemicals
5. Farmed salmon-contaminants leeched from food into fish
6. Cold cuts-bacteria from the meat slicer can infect the meat
7. Apples-chemicals sprayed on apples bad for you

I read this post because it said seven foods farmers, who grow the food, won't eat. This is what they put on the  market for us to eat but they won't eat it. Most of these foods I feed my family thinking that fresh is better. I never considered the chemicals sprayed or ingested into the food build up in the body. Children's bodies are much smaller. Short of growing your own food in the back yard, it is very difficult to provide inexpensive, nutritious meals anymore. Why? Securing safe and healthy food should not be this difficult. Wildcrafted is the way to go—instead of organic. Wildcrafted is naturally occurring without cultivation. In other words, God put it there. The only thing with that is that if it isn't your land in which you are harvesting from, you have no idea what is beneath the land or what was dumped on the land. If you know it is pristine, go for it.


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