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Federal Government Shutdown will affect you

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The federal government shutdown will affect you at some point if it has not already torn apart you life. It will affect you because the condition of the federal government touches our lives at every point. You may be asking yourself why is everyone fighting over keeping the government open or not. This HubPage on debt ceiling  and this one, "Why our government is the way it is," will explain most of the debate and its importance.

Additionally, there is one singular debate I found while researching for articles: Single-payer health care vs. Affordable Care Act. The ACA or Obamacare utilizes insurance exchanges which is simplistically a big group of people to secure lower premiums. Obamacare also provides a way for formally uninsurable people to get insurance. Sounds great, eh? Well it is but a very large and well-funded group of right wingers do not like the idea of the ACA and want to keep singer-payer insurance in place for all of us.

They do not like that the uninsurables now have an option. Poor people have Medicaid, disabled and elderly have Medicare and anyone who works but can't get work-based insurance or the premiums are too high or you just lost your job or whatever the case, there is no excuse for not having insurance anymore. Health insurance, like auto insurance is mandatory as it should be in a nation of responsible people.

By the age of 30 we may feel a little bit less invincible and if we are sickly anyway, we understand the fight to be insured. Remember COBRA insurance? It was the insurance you had to purchase after a job loss if you wanted to be insured. It was way expensive.  No need for that anymore. Whether you have an employer or not, you can get affordable health care through the Obamacare health exchanges.

Obamacare is a good option for new college graduates looking for work too.


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