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Mediscare Redux: Is McConnell holding debt ceiling hike hostage to Ryan Medicare plan? JUNE 2011
what next?
Some of the biggest single payments that come due in a given month are Social Security benefits. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has already raised the specter of those not being paid on time if Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling. But there's also a chance that some federal benefits could be reduced if Congress chooses to cut spending abruptly in place of raising the debt ceiling. Again that's not considered a likely scenario, in part because the spending cuts needed would have be very deep just to allow Treasury to keep paying the bills that are coming due. -CNN If the government runs low on cash, it will have to withhold a range of payments. Retirees might not get their Social Security checks, especially worrisome for the millions of Americans who depend almost entirely on the social insurance program for income. The same goes for Medicare and Medicaid recipients. …

Foods Farmers Won’t Eat | BlackDoctor | Page 8

Foods Farmers Won’t Eat | BlackDoctor | Page 8

1. Canned tomatoes- the can liner leeches unhealthy chemicals into the acidic tomato.
2. Corn-fed beef-lower nutrition
3. Microwave popcorn-chemicals leeched from the bag into the popcorn
4. Non-organic potatoes-sprayed with chemicals
5. Farmed salmon-contaminants leeched from food into fish
6. Cold cuts-bacteria from the meat slicer can infect the meat
7. Apples-chemicals sprayed on apples bad for you

I read this post because it said seven foods farmers, who grow the food, won't eat. This is what they put on the  market for us to eat but they won't eat it. Most of these foods I feed my family thinking that fresh is better. I never considered the chemicals sprayed or ingested into the food build up in the body. Children's bodies are much smaller. Short of growing your own food in the back yard, it is very difficult to provide inexpensive, nutritious meals anymore. Why? Securing safe and healthy food should not be this difficul…

Federal Government Shutdown will affect you

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The federal government shutdown will affect you at some point if it has not already torn apart you life. It will affect you because the condition of the federal government touches our lives at every point. You may be asking yourself why is everyone fighting over keeping the government open or not. This HubPage on debt ceiling  and this one, "Why our government is the way it is," will explain most of the debate and its importance.

Additionally, there is one singular debate I found while researching for articles: Single-payer health care vs. Affordable Care Act. The ACA or Obamacare utilizes insurance exchanges which is simplistically a big group of people to secure lower premiums. Obamacare also provides a way for formally uninsurable people to get insurance. Sounds great, eh? Well it is but a very large and well-funded group of right wingers do not like the idea of the ACA and want to keep singer…