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Congressional Black Caucus Members Criticize Obama On Unemployment

Congressional Black Caucus Members Criticize Obama On Unemployment: "- Sent using Google Toolbar" Think about who owns the means of production in the US--is it black folks? No it is not. It is any race but black folks. It is for this reason there is a higher unemployment rate among blacks. People tend to hire their own kind or folks they know. We are a segregated country whether anyone wants to realize that or not. We used to get on because somebody's momma worked as a maid in Mr. So-in-So's house and he was kind (or whatever) and got her relative a job and so on and so forth. Used to be mommas sat at home and raised their kids decent and they went to college to be doctors and lawyers but I guess there is only so much reach back but it certainly does not stop anyone with a high income from owning a business or two. Most of the people in the upper middle classes choose not to own businesses and of those who did, lost those businesses. Banks could not loan them operating costs, they could not make payroll and went out of business. In times of danger, people pulled together but in small groups of known entities. There isn't much reach out. We have to somehow help ourselves by owning the means of production for the types of things black people like to buy, like --according to some marketing companies-- hair oil and cooking grease and anything at the dollar store. Whatever, if we owned a chain of dollar stores, food oil and petroleum processing plants, we'd be hired. We should also own weave hair and fake nail companies and all the chemicals used in those processes. We should own, not be owned and we would have work available to us. Anyone with me on this? And furthermor­e, the Congressio­nal Black Caucus itself has power within its members to help black people. Why don't you guys go revive the NAACP so that it can stop being an organizati­on people call only when they want to get out of jail or a noose or need something to Buppy up the resume. What about the Urban League? We throw more parties through these organizati­ons. Maybe we should start using them for its intended use. Where is that Black Agenda? I saw it once but it is an actual document that is useable. We have completed one section of goals by electing Barack Obama president. Now it is time to move on to another segment of goals set long ago. It's okay, White people don't care if we use it now. They're lost and tired of driving too. WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING BESIDES POINT FINGERS AND BLAME AND IGNORE OUR COMMUNITY. We spend more time worried about other folks issues and not enough on our own. During Barack's campaign was the first time I actually felt the black community breathe again since the Black Power Movement of the 1970s when I was a little kid. I'll help if you need it. Signed, A Member of Generation X '66


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