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Single-mother panhandlers may be new sign of times :: Jerry Davich :: Post-Tribune

Single-mother panhandlers may be new sign of times :: Jerry Davich :: Post-Tribune This guy is a columnist for our local newspaper. I usually do not agree with him however, for this particular column, he placed himself in the other person's shoes. I am proud of him. He now knows how it feels to panhandle for spare change just to make ends meet. Many would not have gone so far for a column. Read the column. It is a fast read and insightful.

Potential Policy Recommendations for Improving Journalism


I like most of these recommendations. Let us go back to the development of the community newspaper. Not only will it promote literacy but the discrepancy between who gets vital information and who does not will narrow.

I caution the FTC to not be anxious to throw money at the problem. New publications should have help becoming established in the community. There are many people who think being a reporter is glamorous and easy and it is not. It can be dangerous, tedious and no fun at all. I would hate to see people who want to be committed to journalistic integrity take precious funding and squander it when the going gets tough or to use a newspaper as their personal platform.

I have felt for years that there should be some non-profit newspapers available to the community so that they can get vital information offered by government agencies. As long as the reader understands the …

What I learned about the Gulf Coast Oil Spill

While writing an article for Demand Studios on Kirkuk oil, I learned a few things that relate to the current Gulf Coast Oil Spill. I learned that oil companies and government fight all of the time over how to balance oil field management and not polluting the environment or damaging the oil well. (This degrades the oil quality.) Sometimes, these fights stem from the oil industry's internal strife. I also learned that all industry everywhere have this problem. There is a rift often between college degreed workers and those who learned on the job and opt not to earn a degree. Sometimes people, who don't really know any better, challenge management and those people whom management place in important positions. You know the type. They can always do something better than you but they don't have a degree, did not want to go get one and consider education unnecessary. It never occurred to me that this fight could extend to the oil industry and that simple rules put in place to pr…