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Reversal of Fortune: A documentary on Showtime

I saw a good portion of this documentary on Mother's Day and found it quite interesting. First off, I would like to know where the filmmaker got $100,000 to give to a homeless man? Obviously, the guy had some personality disorders, delusions, etc. He does not know the right thing to do and as he stated, his mother was a "bar whore." He said that on the weekends, he found a different man his mother would bring into his home as a child. I wonder what types of abuse he experienced as a child and if he is a result of one of his mother's trysts? No one asked him any follow up questions. Maybe that is why he frequented bars. Then again he also said he had not had a woman in years and that most of the woman he meets found him undesirable for either his lack of teeth in the front of his head or other reasons. (Check out how he argued with that woman at the recycling center. Really.) After one's basic needs are met they are supposed to climb Maslow's hierarchy of Need, not just stop at the basics, safety, food, clothing, shelter, emotional needs. But he did not know that and he is obviously not self-actualized. Many are not and that is the basic problem with society. In his defense however, he has a kind heart and gave the ones close to him some of his treasure. He gets big points for that. I think at least one of them should have convinced him to use the financial counselor. With discipline, that money could have lasted quite a while. But self-discipline is a quality many people do not own. His outlook on life is to live without restraint so the very nature of giving him a large sum of money could have led to his death. Then what would the filmmaker do? That money could have gone to a socially well-adjusted but struggling family. I wonder what they would have done?


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