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Family Guy Transgender Episode or Quagmire's Dad Gets a Sex-Change Operation

I saw the Family Guy transgender episode and I just have to say: Please don't act as if we don't already know and understand prejudice exists in America. Seth just did it in a funnier way. Really. You who support or are GLAAD didn't know that people laugh behind your back and make fun of you? Right. Well, I never heard a racist black joke either. Or a fat joke. SMH at the whole matter. Seth MacFarlane is in the business of comedy. He is the Equal Opportunity Offender and so the f what. He makes me laugh and I thought the episode was funnier than anything. Along the lines of GLAAD, I should have expressed similar dismay and agitation at the "My Black Son," cut away. ..."and also he's a Ninja!" Really now, we knew what he was edging at but I was so shocked and stupefied, I laughed because it was funny and we all have a turn at the wheel with the FG creator. So what. He pokes fun at the inhabitants of the Northeast every time FG airs. Look at how he portrays these folks and they're not complaining. They are laughing. Maybe they don't take themselves as seriously as everyone else does. Seth grew up in this Northeastern environment and he is only conveying a portion of what he experienced growing up. There are not many of our generation who bother to participate in our Pop Culture Renaissance. They point out more things we have in common on the show than what they point out as different. Watch the episode in question. Notice how Peter, Lois and Brian interact when Brian makes an announcement about a trip. Listen to that dialogue. And the "can of pennies?!" That is comedy gold and it hits so close to home. The indifference in which we all treat each other in families is a common strand. Trying to get a family member who is so not interested in what you are doing to be interested in you and what you are doing, is an every day challenge for those of us who still bother to interact with our families. I laughed so hard at that. Gold, Seth baby, gold. I support Seth and the FG team. They're great and they make me laugh and think at the same time. I personally think folk should stop being so fn sensitive and Chicken Little-ish. Save the fight for when it really matters so that you'll have supporters for your cause when you really need it. Also be glad that the issue has been placed before relevant portions of the American public rather than be ignored and shoved out of every one's mind! More information on the issue:


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