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Audio of Leslie McCloud's Last Day at Work

"Tony Fired Me."
The civil lawsuit connected to this incident was dismissed May 24 2010.

Texas Textbook Scandal and the Black Community

Considering the Texas Textbook Scandal, is there a national Pan African American history curriculum for K-12 and college level? There should be. Contained within the organizations of the National Urban League and the NAACP are many, many educated professionals who know how and what components comprise a proper school curriculum for all levels. Why not create a joint task force/partnership between the two organizations and create a national Pan African American history curriculum? When we take leadership seriously and control our own history and information as a group, no one will change it, no one will challenge it. No one changes Jewish and Hebrew history. They send their children to school to learn it. They are in control of keeping their cultural identity alive. They take responsibility for it. African Americans should mimic that and control our historical identity so that no one does it for us. On the TJ Holmes CNN blog website, a woman who said she writes textbooks f…

CNN Special Black and White: Kids on Color

Please don't show it. Please don't tell! Sitting and watching TJ Holmes present CNN's Black & White: Kids on Color, Tuesday morning, I hoped that after the commercial break, I would not hear a discussion on blacks still being color struck. But it happened anyway. I guess it doesn't matter how wide a range of skin colors exist in American families. The tester in the segment asked again and again: Which child is the pretty one, smart one, bad one, etc. Most of the children chose darker skinned pictures as bad or ugly children and the lighter one as good or pretty. Only a few opted out of complexion stereotyping or as old folks say, being color struck. The CNN series examines complexion-based internalized racism in school aged children from white and black races. The study mimics the 1939-1940 doll studies conducted by two black psychologists. First, the white children were asked questions about the cartoon pictures of asexual dolls, nearly hairless, arranged in a r…

Commentary on Roland Martin's blog

I have a lot to say today.

Who Defines Leadership in the Black Community?

There are not many who do what Roland does in Our Community.
Usually, the only thing I hear about The Black Community is how we quiet often end up in jail or arrested or beat up by cops or have some other type of issue

interfering with quality of life. Maybe it's because I live in a black

city with an African-American based infrastructure, that I don't

understand much of what I see in the main news stream on the issue of the

Black Community. Then again, it is not necessarily their responsibility to

report to me through their eyesight on My Community. However, I heard what

Roland was saying.

Many people feel that way. Working people.

Even white people expect a bone or two to be thrown towards the Black Community from the current administration. They do it in Their Community. If anyone else

should somehow benefit from it, fine because they don't care. It's cool

because the bulk goes to th…

What About the Kids, Arizona Legislators?

Arizona was the last state to sign the Martin Luther King Day bill into law. I took note of that then and I take note with parts of their anti-ethnic education bill. Why is it that the people of Arizona feel the way they do about minorities? What are they going through every day that makes them not accepting of minorities and why can't they handle their frustrations any better than they have been doing? Granted, if a politician runs for office and is elected by the people for the people he or she should serve the people completely. More qualified people should have run for office if the people wanted a smarter legislature. However, why stop the African American education curriculum in public schools? Really. Every ethnic race, Eastern European, African, Hispanic, Dominican, Italian etc. deserves to be highlighted for their race's achievements in American history. The culmination is that we have all contributed in making this country great, so why cull those parts out? It is no…

Family Guy Transgender Episode or Quagmire's Dad Gets a Sex-Change Operation

I saw the Family Guy transgender episode and I just have to say: Please don't act as if we don't already know and understand prejudice exists in America. Seth just did it in a funnier way. Really. You who support or are GLAAD didn't know that people laugh behind your back and make fun of you? Right. Well, I never heard a racist black joke either. Or a fat joke. SMH at the whole matter. Seth MacFarlane is in the business of comedy. He is the Equal Opportunity Offender and so the f what. He makes me laugh and I thought the episode was funnier than anything. Along the lines of GLAAD, I should have expressed similar dismay and agitation at the "My Black Son," cut away. ..."and also he's a Ninja!" Really now, we knew what he was edging at but I was so shocked and stupefied, I laughed because it was funny and we all have a turn at the wheel with the FG creator. So what. He pokes fun at the inhabitants of the Northeast every time FG airs. Look at how he po…

Reversal of Fortune: A documentary on Showtime

I saw a good portion of this documentary on Mother's Day and found it quite interesting. First off, I would like to know where the filmmaker got $100,000 to give to a homeless man? Obviously, the guy had some personality disorders, delusions, etc. He does not know the right thing to do and as he stated, his mother was a "bar whore." He said that on the weekends, he found a different man his mother would bring into his home as a child. I wonder what types of abuse he experienced as a child and if he is a result of one of his mother's trysts? No one asked him any follow up questions. Maybe that is why he frequented bars. Then again he also said he had not had a woman in years and that most of the woman he meets found him undesirable for either his lack of teeth in the front of his head or other reasons. (Check out how he argued with that woman at the recycling center. Really.) After one's basic needs are met they are supposed to climb Maslow's hierarchy of Need…