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Health Care Reform is needed now

Folks, listen to the President. People who say, "we need time to get it right," actually mean we need more time to figure out how to trip up the President. We need a way to do that to him to undermine his many successes because we don't appreciate people like him. Read between the lines, always. People who aren't in favor of the proposed health care plans, or changes at all, aren't really worried about future generations having to pay for it, because we have never as a nation worried about the future. We always leave it to future generations because that is the American Way, thus far. What many people are worried about is status. People gain status through how good their health care plan is or is not. They want to stick their nose in the air and say "I got this or that health care and dental and I am doing well in life. You however, are not." Let us call a spade a spade. We have all heard it or said it. Bragging on how good our health care plan is through our work--whether we have ever used it or not. Most of us avoid the doctor--it is the American Way. Remember an apple a day? It is until you are sick as a dog in the hospital do you understand the difference between health care plans. We all want Aflac type coverage, don't we? Well, if you are against the current proposals by the President, understand that you can keep your health care if you are happy with it. If your employer changes to the government's plan you should keep it and then BUY YOURSELF SOME Aflac or BC/BS. That way you will have a right to brag on health care because you are bragging on something you have bought and not what your employer has helped you pay by taking money out of your check. Just find something else to brag about because while you are bragging, there are people who are under insured or have no insurance and are dying. The President told his story many times on the campaign trail. His mom changed jobs and insurance had not kicked in by the time she was sick and the HMO did not pay for her needed care and she died. His mother died. I have a similar story and so do many other Americans. And we all know how expensive COBRA is. What if we never had to worry about that again? What if you didn't pick you job by the quality of health care they offered or were able to leave a toxic job and not worry about your family not being covered by insurance or paying for COBRA? What if? Would you not be happier? It is not about taxing the wealthy. They are going to be taxed anyway. (to much who is given, much is expected)If you are not wealthy, you DO NOT EVEN PAY FEDERAL TAX. Self employed pay federal tax. If they have refund, it comes out of there. Anyone with a decent tax accountant is not overpaying in tax. So stop the tax-the-wealthy bullshit. It's not happening in a way in which you should be concerned. See, these are silly reasons to stall health care reform. People are dying and it should not be because they can't afford heart surgery.
People are afraid they won't be any better than the poor folk who have government sponsored health care and that is not the case. We will equally be able to have quality medical care, doctors will be paid better and can focus on treatment rather than insurance forms.
Don't ever forget this health care reform fight is about money coming out of the pockets of big insurance companies who take your premiums every month and hate having to actually provide you with the care. Instead of fighting the people they are supposed to serve, they should be figuring out how to change their business structure to better serve the new health care community instead of fighting change. Buy the book! Buy the book Eighteen Months and Short Stories, Real Life today!


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