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Older hybrids a chore at state emission test sites

Buy the book! Buy the book Eighteen Months and Short Stories, Real Life today! In Indiana, all vehicles must pass an emission test. It does not matter if the vehicle is electric, natural gas or hybrid--just like the cute 2006 Prius I wanted to buy. Something told me to research the emission testing record before taking the plunge. I found numerous boards where owners are complaining the hybrid cars are untestable or outright putting out too many emissions. These are the type of cars you must take to the dealer. In Indiana one must pass emission testing to get tags for the vehicle. I called someone at the Indiana emissions testing office and he said get the dealer to test the vehicle before buying it and resolve all issues. He said all types of vehicles have failed the testing including the Prius. I was heartbroken. If you have an issue with your hybrid, please let me know. I want to find out what I am getting into before it is too late. This is so not fair. Prius message board