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Rush Limbaugh is against the Small Business Stimulus Packgage

Buy the book! Buy the book Eighteen Months and Short Stories, Real Life today! Instructions on Depreciation deductions, more customers using their May stimulus money, increased expensing, may be found at the underlined link. Article: Small Business Advocates Push for Piece of Stimulus Plan Lawmakers and lobbying groups with an eye on small business are working to ensure that a new economic stimulus package will include benefits for small firms. Opinion: Rush Limbaugh and the those who blindly follow him are immature, Anti-American borderline racist jerks who are stingy and don't want to pay taxes on the millions they earn. Even I pay tax and I am poor. But I am not stingy and un-American. These people who yell and scream about the taxes they have to pay are really just echoing what Rush's bottom line is: Rush Limbaugh wants the President to fail. He like so many, is willing to cut his nose to spite his face. How is that an American ideal? How can he garner followers? I hope the FBI is keeping an eye on those people. Follow them to the clan rally, to the store-- wherever they go. Follow them like the Black Panther Party was followed. BTW, I'm not a Republican.


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