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You Tell 'em Mr. President!

Buy the book! Buy the book Eighteen Months and Short Stories, Real Life today! I hear the President will be in Elkhart, IN to promote our stimulus package. He has taken off the gloves with everyone involved in holding up the process too. Mitch McConnell Republican Minority Leader basically said we don't need frivolous spending but where was he when the economy was getting wrecked worse than a drunk college girl at a wild frat party? Huh? Where was the concern then? Fn hypocrites. The problem is that no one wants to do anything for anyone they consider to be poor or poorer than them. Selfishness. And Rush Limbaugh isn't helping. I guess former VP Dick Chaney had to get in it too, sending a warning to the media that there is some nuclear proliferation on the horizon. All of this and the SEC getting hammered for not doing their job. This was a lot to take in this week. But how do the everyday American feel about the Stimulus package and the SEC and Nuclear proliferation? They are worried about their jobs and waiting to see what else will happen. Today, there were some statistics on African American unemployment numbers and it seems we've been in a recession at least since 2007. Go figure.


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