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Run Away Slave Syndrome and other little irritations

Buy the book! Buy the book Eighteen Months and Short Stories, Real Life today! President Obama's election means many different things to many different people. I say, "We is free, yall!" Which means you shouldn't be worried with your freedom of speech being trampled upon--within reason. Some are only looking for the President to be Captain Save' Em and pull us our of the nightmare economic situation the Republican party has seemed to gotten us into. Yeah, I'm calling the game thata way. They were the last ones at the wheel so who the hell else to blame. Dems? They have been getting swatted about like flies for the past eight. Puh-leeze. So, some of us are looking to pay as little as possible in taxes. I feel ya. I pay self-employment taxes which is never much since I have deductions (kids) but it is still money that I pay that an employer would have been paying. I found out today that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a conservative body which explains why there is so little give when it comes to invigorating small business owners. Hmm. I poured myself a bit of whiskey when I got home from shuttling kids to and fro. The rain was cold and hard and my daughter walks really slow so we got wet. However, I have been thinking, mulling around all that I have heard and seen today. And yes, I read my local paper. I hate to say it but something was missing from it all. It is like we've gotten used to dancing around the truth for so long that it is the way that we are now. Even the art of subtlety is lost. What does the collective we think will happen if we speak truthfully with ourselves? There is no sense laying blame since it always seems to find a way back to the point: We are missing something. Where is the commerce from the small/neighborhood businesses? The bit they forked over in the way of jobs, taxes and services is missing. Well, be that as it may, make sure to go to to voice your opinions on the latest stimulus news. The President supports changing the bankruptcy laws to save homeowners who only have one home--just like those who have more than one home. And, the stimulus package is now called the Financial Stability Plan or FSP for short. The president said today of the board that will supervise the FSP, "The board will govern the Recovery money to make sure every tax dollar is spent wisely and for its intended purpose," Barack Obama, President of the United States said today during a press conference in Virginia with Gov. Kaine.


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