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To Hell in a handbasket? Nope.

Buy the book! Buy the book Eighteen Months and Short Stories, Real Life today! My comments: (go to the site and add yours) Amen, Roger and luxury is not a thing of the past. Buying things one cannot afford to keep up appearances is a thing of the past. Heck, if you cannot afford steak--eat chicken. Can't get chicken--eat tuna and so forth. Our decent into this situation may be viewed in full at your local library's microfiche newspaper archives. It's called independent research. Go back 16 to 25 years. There are some who can afford to spend because they have plenty of disposable income. I'm not one of those people but I understand that they have more money than me and thus, on many levels, a better life. So many people cannot accept this bit of reality. People for so long only wanted to show off to people that they 'got it like that.' Some still do but those who were going into debt to front, gots to chill. Economy in the toilet over frontin' = F'kd up values and priorities. Big Business had been complaining for years that the wages for the American worker was growing or too high so they outsourced--across the board. This started years ago when corporations eliminated corp communications and psychology positions to save money. It spiraled from there.


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