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What I don't understand could fill up a book

Buy the book! Buy the book Eighteen Months and Short Stories, Real Life today! What I don't understand is that the solutions to our problems lay in bipartisanship and other types of reaching across the isle handshaking. Was this the solution four years ago? Many of the same ideas are still being put to use. What about eight years ago when the Big R bandwagon was helping people shove money and contracts in their pockets like greedy kids at the candy store after church. Why is it we have to stop and think and wake up? I think we are plenty up now. We have been asleep for the past eight, snoring for the past four. President Obama is correct in his thinking and many people believe how he believes and we want his way to work--not the way of hard line conservative Republicans. The only thing Republicans need to be doing right now is explaining in detail their role in "breaking the world." How did you help or what was your role in draining all available money from the American economy in the past eight years, specifically the past four? Answer that question. Blame lies with those folk, not the President. I have been waiting for eight years (my whole life) to say these types of things. And Furthermore... Any rule or law that has been changed in the past eight years to reflect a gain for special interest groups (NAFTA) and that favors Republican financial gain should be examined. I'm just saying. I like the way things were before the North American Free Trade Agreement. It seemed we were doing better financially. What about those mortgage backed securities? How did that come about to be a bad thing? I remember at the beginning of the previous administration, new housing was the push. Loans were everywhere to get a house. I still couldn't afford the upkeep so I did not participate. Are those the bad loans the banking industry is blaming for our current situation? Weren't some regulations changed around that time? Change it back to what it was and see if that helps. And, at some point, we will have to stop ignoring the real elephant in the room: drug cartel activity and gangs. They need someone to moderate for them so that we may all live in peace.


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