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Tentative deal in the works for Stimulus Package

Buy the book! Buy the book Eighteen Months and Short Stories, Real Life today! I hear a Republican right now hollering on a news show about the previous admn successful efforts in promoting "growth" in this country. Anyone with two years of college understands that within any organization, fast growth--like what this country experienced--is dangerous. Fast growth leads to failure. We found this out when the late president Ronald Regan was in office. There are businesses created models to do just that--grow fast make lots of money and then implode. There isn't an incentive to keep a business afloat when there are so many tax breaks for a money-losing venture. Now I know if a dumb-ass unemployed black woman from Gary, Indiana knows that, all of those smart asses on Capital Hill know it too. Don't they know the whole world is looking to see if the powers-that-be have finally learned their lesson and will choose to do the right thing? The right thing may not make your pockets fat with green but you can at least sleep at night. Maybe.


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